Rhythmic riffs and observational rhymes within and about this scene-popped electric world life… a meeting of millennial minds and muses for the kids, for the record, for the culture… bourgeoisie tone, rebel technique.

creative conversation happens here; no more, never anything less. conversation between the audience and the creator, the audience and creative work, the creator and their own created work; effectually, conversation between creative culture and the experience of whatever creation is the proximal reference point. said “creative,” specifically, at this genesis, being: music, culture, language, arts.

i wanted a place where a kidult like myself could go for pure creative experience of the discursive sort. so, i built this space to house conversations with creators, creatives and created work (i don’t really “review” work, so much as i engage in dialogue with compositions of creative expression). this is likely not that “place” in its final form, but it’s the seed in the form of a web-based studio lounge, and over time we’ll see where it grows.

i got nostalgic for that total request life, homeostatic pop music culture, consideration beyond empty consumption. that oddly precise balance between the studio, stage, scene, and screen… the artist, the agent, the audience in that oddly balanced ebb-and-flow of creative exchange… i missed recording about pieces i enjoyed, riffing with people who enjoyed experiencing those pieces, engaging with the people who enjoyed making those pieces… i missed exploring the experience itself, diving into performative work for the sake of comprehension, directing the catalyst drive to keep creating, to just express how it feels to feel what you just felt, simply for the sake of a shared moment of synchronicity with another conscious being who happens to vibe with that very same felt frequency, with another someone whose interest was piqued when something in particular went Pop.

i also missed discovery by way of amoeba-music-bargain-bin-style shuffling through editorial crate-digging adventures; so, the format is also very much a revival of said forays.

yes, i’ve overheard the theory, “nostalgia’s for geeks;” so, i guess, this is a space for those some of us who just like to read.

for what it’s worth, kick back, relax, and enjoy the space; of course, by all means, reach out with creative work and/or words if you feel inclined to engage.