Rhythmic riffs and observational rhymes within and about this scene-popped electric world life… a meeting of millennial minds and muses for the kids, for the record, for the culture… bourgeoisie tone, rebel technique.

creative conversation happens here; no more, never anything less. conversation between the audience and the creator, the audience and creative work, the creator and their own created work; effectually, conversation between creative culture and the experience of whatever creation is the proximal reference point. said “creative,” specifically, at this genesis, being: music, culture, language, arts.

i reworked the archives into a curated space, akin to a gallery museum library for topical perusal … a portfolio of sorts, so said space is a memory’s museum of past life musings – sample at your leisure.

i also missed discovery by way of amoeba-music-bargain-bin-style shuffling through editorial crate-digging adventures; so, the format is also very much a revival of said forays.

yes, i’ve overheard the theory, “nostalgia’s for geeks;” so, i guess, this is a space for those some of us who just like to read.

for what it’s worth, kick back, relax, and enjoy the space; of course, by all means, reach out with creative work and/or words if you feel inclined to engage.