A.V Hub: video music (re)views

Musings on visualized music… observations in linguistic rhythm of sound over time… a random collection of audio-visual points I’ve viewed… just the work of a scribe pop-birthed in the age of total request life… shift the station, reign the channel.

Aural.Video: Signature Vantages on Sonic Cinema


Sometimes the heart, it feels so black… and other rhymes, rainbows

[continue reading: “Black Jesus † Amen Fashion” (Mugler SS12 Womenswear), Lady Gaga …]


Pop 2012: because this used to be my playground.

[… “Give Me All Your Luvin’” ft. M.I.A. & Nicki Minaj; Madonna]


When Spears Slays Her Own Beast: She Bleeds Pop

[… “Hold It Against Me,” Britney Spears]


Enhancing Imperial Fantasy from Behind the Mirage…

[… “Moment 4 Life” ft. Drake; Nicki Minaj]


Beware the Ides of Gavras

[… “No Church in the Wild,” Jay-Z x Kanye West]


Mourning the death of futility in the wake of self-fulfilled prophecy; oh, how merry…

[… “Marry the Night,” Lady Gaga]


Live Fast, Fly Young

[… “Bad Girls,” M.I.A.]


Baptizing newborns in blacklight, revving up a revolution on the pages of a motorcycled diary…

[… “Judas,” Lady Gaga]


Smooth, milk smooth, like afternoon tea if it tasted like R&B…

[… “Shot You Down,” Florrie]


“Real Gs move in silence like lasagna;” real scenes move in silence like a G, so there’s nothing left to say – what you get is what you see.

[… “6 Foot 7 Foot” ft. Cory Gunz, Lil’ Wayne]


Prague, meet “Power:” The Defenestration of West.

[… “Power” (Live at Saturday Night Live), Kanye West]


Acoustic distortions so tangible you can taste them, mood so trippy one can’t help but stumble down the proverbial rabbit hole into Miles’ mindset at its most marvelously maniacal…

[… “Reminiscent Twilight (Bitches Brew),” Miles Davis]


British tones. Angeles tempos. That’s the point. That you can come to the light amidst darkness, create an echo in the silence.

[… “Home,” Jess Glynne]


Feels like the verge of something… big, bigger than before… all the other befores… so you take five, and indigo shade the blinds… into your scene, active suspense caught in an ephemera… rhythmic realities of the dream within a dream…

[… “Free Falling,” Florrie]


Beware the Ides of March, and the rise of spearheaded stallions…

[… “Blow,” Ke$ha]


Someone had to teach Degrassi how to Dougie… two baby-faced LA charmers with formidable flow: it’s like crib-friendly Cali Clipse!

[… “Chitty Chitty,” Wonder Broz.]


Beneath the vivid quick cuts lies the grey ghost undercurrent of entertainment media in a Warholian pop world: the triangle relationship between the voyeur, the exhibitionist, and the anybody before the computer screen…

[… “S&M,” Rihanna]


One part Alexander McQueen, one part Arthur Burgess, and a heavy dose of clockwork quirk…

[… “Mummer,” Clockwork Orchestra]


America runs on Tinkerbells.

[… “Applause,” Lady Gaga]


From behind the veil of the bottom line, justice remains forever blind… anything less would be uncivilized.

[… “Civilization,” Justice]


… bigger and badder, in a politically-charged punk way that highlights the last decade’s domestic attempt to do the same.

[… “Born Free,” M.I.A.]


Self-reference and atmospheric concept #letsbeyhonest #independentringonit Who rev the world?

[… “Run the World (Girls),” Beyonce]


Nouveau riche in thé vintage frame. The forever first lady and the catalyst flame…

[… “National Anthem,” Lana del Rey]


Cosmic elements converge in the paralleled universe of a dark boogie wonderland’s black-tie pre-bacchanalia…

[… “Born This Way,” Lady Gaga]


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